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From time immemorial the HEART is considered as the seat of Life and Love. While Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute (ICHRI) wishes you personal wellbeing, we believe that in case you are admitted to ICHRI, you will discover that it takes care of you with both love and empathy.

The Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute was started to fill the gap in cardiac care in Bangladesh. The objective was to provide International Standard Cardiac Care in the country at affordable cost. This has been set up with significant Government support and complements the Government’s objective of making expensive health care affordable to under privileged people of Bangladesh.

At the initial stage it was conceived as an extension of the Cardiac Outdoor facility of BIRDEM Hospital but thereafter it was agreed that the project will best achieve its objectives as a stand alone specialized cardiac hospital supported by the multidisciplinary hospital of BIRDEM for treatment of cardiac patients concurrently suffering from other medical conditions. The Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital started its operation in October 2003 and has achieved very impressive growth in patient flow both for diagnosis and treatment of heart condition



Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute (ICHRI) provides the entire spectrum of heart care from prevention and wellness to emergency care, diagnostic testing, heart surgery and rehabilitation. The features we offer are:


    • Modern Facilities where highest standard of hygiene and aseptic condition is maintained.
    • Team of highly professional, competent, caring and responsive Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Nursing staff trained abroad in modern cardiac care.
    • TOTAL ATTENTION of our doctors 24 hours a day as they do NOT have a private practice.
    • TOTAL CARE from emergency call until discharge and transport home.
    • Competitive tariff structure, which is significantly less than overseas treatment and some local hospitals.
We remember

(31st December 1911
 6th September 1989)

Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim’s contribution in the field of medicine in general and diabetes in particular has been nothing less than phenomenal. He was a great and successful physician, a gifted teacher, a talented organizer and a great reformer. Prof Ibrahim was the founder of the Diabetic Association of Pakistan and later of Bangladesh. With his initiative Diabetic Association’s small outpatient clinic at Segunbagicha, has grown over the years into imposing prestigious BIRDEM at Shahbag, presently designated as WHO Collaborating Centre on Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic disorders.

Prof. Ibrahim always believed that an institution achieves its goal and EXCELLENCE not by bricks and mortars; nor by machine or metals but by their human resources and he spent all his life in developing talented human resources. His humility to his patients was legendary and most genuine and embodied in his famous maxim: “I am grateful to you for the opportunity you have given me to serve you”. Deep empathy and compassion were characteristics of his dealing with his patients especially those who were poor and in pain. In recognition of his contributions , the Government of Bangladesh honored him by appointing him the first National Professor from among physicians in 1984.

The Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute enshrines the philosophies of Prof. Ibrahim in their Vision, Mission & Values which guides the management of the organization.

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